An account holder with SMBC Trust Bank can deposit a foreign check. Please bring your check to our branch. We need to verify your check to see if we can collect it. Note that there are some cases in which we cannot handle or collect checks drawn abroad. It takes some time to collect checks drawn abroad. After we receive the proceeds for the check, we will deposit the proceeds into your account.

SMBC Trust Bank Branch 

 Please review the list below before bringing in your check to our branch.

  1. Payee and account holder's name should be the same
    • The check issued to joint payees (e.g. you and your spouse)
      We ask both the one joint payee who is an account holder with our bank and the other joint payee to come to our branch, because we need to obtain consent from each of the joint payees to deposit the proceeds to be collected to a deposit account in the name of the account holder (the one joint payee).
      If the other joint payee cannot come to the branch with you due to unavoidable circumstances, please bring Permission for Check Deposit (available from here ) filled out by the other joint payee, the check endorsed by him/her (*), and bring a photocopy of his/her passport in addition to What to bring listed below.
      • *The endorsement signature on the check needs to be the same as the signature on the passport.
    • The check issued to the third party
      We are sorry, but we cannot accept any checks issued to the third party.
    • Other than above
      Please contact here .
      • *Available on Weekdays 9:00-17:00.
  2. Issuance / Expiry Date
    • The void by date on the check
      We only accept before the void date.
    • No void by date on the check
      We only accept up to the six months after the check issuance date.
    Please note that clearing checks takes some time.
    We may not accept your check if the check expiry date is close by.
  3. Currency