The time set in a token and PRESTIA Online must be synchronized for a One Time Password generated by the token to be verified. Due to the nature of tokens, the time set on a token may lag slightly, but the time lag is adjusted whenever the token is used, so it should not affect the efficiency of the token as long as the token is regularly used. However, if the token is not used for a long period of time, or if a token has initial failure, the time lag becomes significant and the OTP generated on the token cannot be verified for use. In these cases, please contact the PRESTIA Online Helpdesk. We will reset your token (adjust time lag) so that it can be used once again. However, if the problem persists we will replace your token with a new one free of charge.

Please note that in the case the problem persists, you will need to apply for a new token on PRESTIA Online again to receive it, after our procedure to deactivate your current token. We are sorry for the inconvenience. In most cases, your new token will be dispatched by registered mail 2-3 business days after you apply on PRESTIA Online (domestic only).
Please contact the PRESTIA Online Helpdesk for the details.

*Please note that it will take approximately 3 weeks to apply for a new token if you need to change address.

PRESTIA Online Helpdesk

For Account Holders / Internet banking and system inquiries

0120-410-956Available from mobile (Toll-Free)

In Japan
046-401-2106(charges apply)

From overseas
81-46-401-2106(charges apply)