How to Notify Your My Number

Download Form and Mail

Please download and print out the form "Notification of Individual/Corporate Number" Fill in the form and mail together with personal identification documents.

  • *Please use the address label to send request forms to us.

Mailing Address (if you would rather put a stamp instead of using Address Label above)

  • SMBC Trust Bank Ltd. Operation Center
    P.O.Box 31, Takanawa, Tokyo, 108-8703, Japan


  • No customer copy will be returned for the form(s) enclosed.Before sending the form, please make sure to keep a copy of it for your own records.

Request Form by Phone and Mail

Please call the number below and ask the operator to send "Notification of Individual/Corporate Number" form. Once you receive the form, please fill it in and mail it to us together with personal identification documents.

(24 hours/day, 365 days/year)

Branch Walk-in

Please visit one of our branches  with your personal identification documents at hand.

Personal Identification Documents

When notifying your My Number, please provide one of the following documents. If you are mailing the form, please send the completed form together with the copies of the personal identification documents (please make sure that relevant pages or sides are copied).

  1. Individual Number Card (both sides)
  2. Notification Card (Current name and address are required)*
  3. Copy of Resident Register or Certificate of Item Stated in Resident Register* (Original document must indicate Individual Number and must be issued within 6 months)
  • *If you submit [2] or [3], please also provide one of Identification Documents below.
  • A.Driver's License (both sides)
  • B.Driving Record Certificate issued on April 1, 2012 or later (both sides)
  • C.Passport (the page showing the passport holder's photograph, and the page showing the holder's address)
  • D.Residence Card (both sides)
  • E.Special Permanent Resident Certificate (both sides)

Please provide 2 items from F - I below only when you do not have documents listed A - E above. (If you are to submit [3] ("copy of resident register" or "certificate of item stated in resident register"), you can use it as an item I.)

  • F.Health Insurance Card (The page showing your name, address, and date of birth)
  • G.Pension Handbook
  • H.Seal Registration Certificate (issued within 6 months)
  • I.Resident Register or Certificate of Items State in Resident Register (issued within 6 months)

For details of My Number System, please refer to the website of Cabinet Office .