Request to Customers

Those who fall under the following foreign PEPs, please make a declaration at a branch (we request you to fill out the necessary document). Once you become to belong certain status, please declare promptly.

Foreign Politically Exposed Persons (foreign PEPs) under the "Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds"

  1. Collection of information on this notification is done so to confirm that you/your Beneficial Owner(s) is/are a Foreign Politically Exposed Person(s) ("Foreign PEPs"), who fall or have fallen under any of ① to ⑧ below, including their family members.
  2. If you/your company's beneficial owner(s) is/are Foreign PEPs, we ask you to submit official identification documents and confirm your asset and income statuses, etc. when you open an account, conclude a loan agreement, deposit/withdraw cash, etc. from October 1, 2016.

Positions of Foreign PEPs

Foreign PEPs are those who fall or have fallen any of the ① to ⑧ below, including their family members:

  1. Head of state
  2. A position equivalent to Prime Minister, Minister of State or Vice-Minister of State of Japan
  3. A position equivalent to Chairperson or Vice-chairperson of the House of Representatives or the House of Councilors of Japan
  4. A position equivalent to Justice of the Supreme Court of Japan
  5. A position equivalent to Ambassador, Envoy, Government delegate, or Plenipotentiary of Japan
  6. A position equivalent to Head of the Joint Staff, Vice Chief of Staff, Chief of Staff of Ground Self-Defense Force, Vice Chief of Staff of G.S.D.F, Chief of Staff of Maritime Self-Defense Force, Vice Chief of Staff of M.S.D.F, Chief of Staff Air Self-Defense Force, or Vice Chief of Staff of A.S.D.F. of Japan
  7. A board member of Central Bank
  8. A board member of a judicial person subject to a resolution or approval for its budget from a body equivalent to the Diet of Japan

Scope of Foreign PEPs regarding family members

Person holding or having held any of the above-mentioned (① through ⑧) positions

  • *Grandfather, Grandmother and Grandchild/Grandchildren are not foreign PEPs.
  • *Ex/Former spouse and ex/former spouse of the current spouse is not foreign PEPs.