Please follow STEP 1-5 before using your GLOBAL PASS.


Sign the back of GLOBAL PASS


Register for GLOBAL PASS Member's Website and Visa Secure (former name: Verified by Visa)

"GLOBAL PASS Member's Website" is for viewing shopping and overseas ATM transaction details and managing settings for GLOBAL PASS. "Visa Secure" is a program preventing fraudulent transactions when shopping online, adding an extra verification step during the checkout. To avoid any inconvenience (e.g. not being able to shop online), please make sure to complete the registration.

How to Register

Visit GLOBAL PASS Member's Website  and register User ID and Password from "Create your User ID".

Creating User ID for "GLOBAL PASS Member's Website" and signing on automatically completes the "Visa Secure" registration.

To make your GLOBAL PASS more secure, please also register Personal Message from "Visa Secure" once you are signed on to GLOBAL PASS Member's Website.

Refer to FAQ on Visa Secure and Personal Message for details.

  • *GLOBAL PASS Member's Website User ID and Password need to be created separately from our Online Banking User ID and Password (i.e. you will have two sets of User ID and Password with PRESTIA).

How is it different from our Online Banking?

  • GLOBAL PASS Member's Website
    • View transaction details for shopping and overseas ATM usage (date, merchant, amount, etc.)
    • Change settings for GLOBAL PASS (change the transaction limit, etc.)
  • Online Banking
    • View account details (balance summary and account activities)
    • Make transaction (domestic transfers, overseas remittance, buy/sell foreign currency, etc.)


Check and Modify the Transaction Limit

You can change the transaction limit for shopping and overseas ATM withdrawal on GLOBAL PASS Member's Website.

Keeping the transaction limit to a minimum helps minimize the damage in the worst case scenario.

How to Check and Modify

Sign on to GLOBAL PASS Member's Website > Manage Services > Change Limit Control > Modify Limits

  • *If you switched Banking Card (and PRESTIA Gaika Cash Card) to GLOBAL PASS, Overseas ATM withdrawal transaction limit is RESET to the GLOBAL PASS default setting regardless of your previous setting(s).


Register for PRESTIA Alert Service

PRESTIA Alert Service sends a notification e-mails when GLOBAL PASS is used. Please click here  for further details.

How to Register

Sign on to PRESTIA Online  > Services > E-mail Registration / Maintenance > Register / Update (PRESTIA Alert Service / PRESTIA Insight)

  • *If you are new to our Online Banking, please create your User ID from here .
  • *If you are new to our Online Banking, please create your User ID from here .


Activate GLOBAL PASS (applicable only if registered address is overseas)

When your registered address is overseas, GLOBAL PASS is sent in blocked status for security reasons.

Please have your GLOBAL PASS and T-PIN ready and call PRESTIA Phone Banking 81-46-401-2100 (charges apply) to activate it.

GLOBAL PASS Product Overview