Please refer to the following cases when you are having a trouble with online shopping.

  • Your payment exceeding your Shopping Limit
    The payment amount cannot exceed your Shopping Limit.
    Please update your Shopping Limit on the GLOBAL PASS Member's Website .
  • Your payment exceeding the balance of your settlement account
    Please check your Yen Savings Account balance if the settlement is either in Yen or currency other than 17 currencies available with PRESTIA.
    If the settlement currency is one of the 17 currencies in the PRESTIA MultiMoney account, please check the balance of the PRESTIA MultiMoney Foreign Currency Savings Account.
    Setting GAIKA FULL BACK function ON which enables you to make a payment settled from your Yen Savings account even when your foreign currency account is insufficient for your payment.
    You can change the GAIKA FULL BACK status via PRESTIA Online or PRESTIA Mobile. See here  for details.
  • Have not registered for register for Visa Secure (former name : Verified by Visa)
    Please register User ID and Password on GLOBAL PASS Member's Website , and enter your Password on the Visa Secure screen.
    See here for details about Visa Secure (former name : Verified by Visa), and how to register User ID and Password on GLOBAL PASS Member's Website
  • The site does not support debit cards
    Some shopping sites only accept credit cards.
  • GLOBAL PASS not available on that particular site
    GLOBAL PASS cannot be used for:
    Recurring transactions (transactions with scheduled monthly deduction)
    e.g. landline and mobile telephone, electricity/gas/water charges, newspaper, Internet provider, flat rate on-demand services, etc.
    • *In addition to the above, you may be unable to use GLOBAL PASS due to circumstances of individual merchants.
  • The site reported for suspicious transactions
    GLOBAL PASS is not available on sites which are known for frequent suspicious transactions and/or fraudulent payments.
  • The transaction behavior is different from your usual transactions
    There are cases we may temporarily suspend the use of GLOBAL PASS from fraud prevention point of view.
    Please contact PRESTIA Phone Banking for details.