Visa Secure is a system which prevents fraudulent transactions when shopping online. Some sites use terms such as Verified by Visa or 3D Secure, but essentially they are all meant to make online transactions more secure.

When shopping with GLOBAL PASS on sites implementing visa security, you come across the Visa Secure badge (move to Visa Secure screen) to confirm your identity along the checkout process. When you see the badge, you are required to enter GLOBAL PASS Member's Website password. If you have not registered yet, please go to the GLOBAL PASS Member's Website, register your User ID and Password via the link "Create your User ID". If you forgot password, please re-register from "Forgot Password" menu on the GLOBAL PASS Member's Website Sign On page. Visa Secure prevents fraud by not letting you complete the checkout until password entered is correct and authorized.

The purpose of Personal Message is to confirm that the site you are shopping online is authentic.

Make sure that Personal Message displayed on Visa Secure screen is the same message which you created on GLOBAL PASS Member's Website before entering password. Please immediately stop the checkout if you see something different because you are very much likely on a defrauding site with malicious intent. If you have not registered Personal Message, you see a message "initial registration".


To make your GLOBAL PASS online shopping experience more secure, please register User ID and Password on GLOBAL PASS Member's Website  (if you have not done so), sign on, and create Personal Message from Visa Service tab.

  • Registering GLOBAL PASS Member's Website and creating Personal Message automatically completes your GLOBAL PASS Visa Secure registration.
  • Global Pass Member's Website password is case sensitive and must be the combination of 7 ~ 20 letters and numbers.
  • The service of Visa Secure registration cannot be canceled and therefore your GLOBAL PASS Member's Website password becomes essential when shopping online.
  • If the site does not support Visa Secure, you do not see the Visa Secure badge throughout the entire checkout process.
  • In case your GLOBAL PASS 16-digit debit card number is changed, please re-register Global Pass Member's Website and/or create new Personal Message.