You can manage your account with internet banking which includes;

  • view account balances and transaction histories*
  • download account details and activities
  • view and download statements
  • transfer within account (same currencies)*
  • make domestic fund transfers and overseas remittances*
    • You need to register payees in advance.
    • You can make domestic fund transfers to an unregistered payee with a Token via PRESTIA Online.
  • buy/sell foreign currencies*
  • open time deposits*
  • register or update email address
  • apply for GLOBAL PASS*
  • apply for a Token(domestic address only)


*Available on PRESTIA Mobile

Getting started

With PRESTIA Online and PRESTIA Mobile you can conveniently and securely manage your account from anywhere. To start using internet banking, all you need is your User ID and Password. You can create them in just a few easy steps with your account information.

User registration 

User registration 

  • *Telephone PIN is required in order for you to set up your Internet Banking.


If you are searching for any information or seeking helpful guidance on internet banking services, "Help " may guide you to find an answer.