You can close your account by mail.
We will transfer your remaining balance to your designated domestic account in Yen and close your account. It takes approximately one week to close the account after receiving the form(s).

The Procedure

  1. Please check your account details on Internet Banking or Bank Statement to make sure that you do not have products / accounts listed further below.
  2. Download and print out the form and mail it to us.

Settlement of Remaining Balance

When cancelling the account by mail, there is no transfer fee for Domestic Transfer.
Foreign currency will be converted to Yen applying SMBC Trust Bank's telegraphic transfer buying rate (TTB rate) applicable to customers and wire transferred to your designated domestic account in Yen.

  • *To transfer foreign currency without converting to Yen:
    Please download Application For Cross Border Transfer  (Sample ), print it out and mail it to us. Please see here  for service charges.
Product / Account Remarks
  • Foreign Currency Time Deposit(*)
  • Premium Deposit (Structured Deposit with FX Option)
Wait for Maturity Date before mailing us the Request.
  • PRESTIA MultiMoney Credit
  • Loans (e.g. Housing Loan, Investment Property Loan)
The remaining balance needs to be fully settled in advance.
  • Mutual Fund Account
  • Bond (Securities Transaction Account)
Contact PRESTIA Phone Banking.
Checking Account Contact your Branch.
  • (*)If Maturity Instruction is "Automatic Renewal", the instruction needs to be changed to "No Automatic Renewal" by 3 p.m. one business day before Maturity Date.

  Before Mailing in Your Request

  • If your name or address has changed
    • Address Change: Applications for address change request are required. Please check here for details.
    • Name Change: Please contact PRESTIA Phone Banking .
  • Token, Cash Card
    You do not have to return token / cash card(s) to us. Please discard it / them safely.
  • Customer Copy
    We do not send a customer copy of Account Close Request. Please make a copy BEFORE mailing for your own records.
  • Account Number
    If you are uncertain of your account number(s), please see below to find out.
    • Internet Banking : All account numbers available from Balance Summary
    • Banking Card : Yen Savings Account only
    • Bank Statement : PRESTIA MultiMoney Account, Mutual Funds Account only

As a part of our continuous customer information management, we periodically confirm your most resent "Status of Residence" and "Period of Stay (date of Expiration)" on your Residence Card. If there is any change in the registration details regarding your period of stay etc., you will need to submit a change request as well with copies of your Residence Card (front and back) to us.
If you are not extending your "Period of Stay" as you are leaving Japan to return to your home country or relocating to another country, we will ask you to close your account before you do so.